Emergency Vet Scarborough

At the Reliable Emergency Vet Scarborough Animal Hospital Clinic, the folks here understand that a healthy pet is a happy pet. The staff of trained practitioners strive to provide the best emergency pet care and treatment for your companion. Pet owners from around the Greater Toronto Area trust Reliable Vet and their veterinary practice to provide after hours, 24 hours emergency and general care to companion pets when regular clinics are closed. Be it on weekends, night time and during holidays, Reliable Vet’s Emergency Animal Hospital Scarborough location is there for you.

Reliable Emergency Vet Scarborough

At Reliable Vet Scarborough Emergency Animal Hospital clinic, the belief is that in order to be a good veterinarian, there needs to be a genuine love for animals. The health care professionals here are people who have a natural, long-standing love and passion to help provide treatment to pets. At the Scarborough Animal Hospital, these professionals work alongside the owners to provide the best health care possible to the pets. Compassionate animal companions are extremely important to their owners, so it helps to be open to continuing to learn about veterinary medicine. The field of animal health is constantly evolving, so the owners also need to be open to learning.

We provide treatment by appoint as well as quality after hours emergency vet care when your pet needs it the most. The services include:

  • Minor Illness for pets that not feeling well
  • Critical care
  • Monitoring and continued care
  • Imaging services
  • Surgery


Food and Nutrition

The Reliable professionals at Emergency Vet Scarborough also provide insight into the quality of food and nutrition. There are three keys ensuring that your pet food is both safe and nutritious. There are many reasons for the increasingly common diseases in our dogs and cats. Diseases such as allergies, arthritis and even cancer is because of food nutrition; it is the key to the health of our dogs,cats and other pets. You are what you eat. If you eat healthy you become healthier, the same holds true for our pets. Now let’s get on to those three keys:

The Reliable Emergency Vet Scarborough Animal Hospital strive to provide the best care possible to your pets.

1. Look at the ingredient list.
The top three ingredients usually comprise eighty percent or more of a dry pet foods entire formula. Ground yellow corn is what you should be having as the first ingredient. An animal-based protein should be first, not a carbohydrate such as corn feed..

2. Avoid chemical preservatives: artificial flavor and artificial colors. Avoid the chemical preservatives and instead look for natural preservatives which are vitamin E and ascorbic acid vitamin C. Avoid foods with artificial flavor enhancers such as phosphoric acid. Lastly the last big chemical additive to avoid is the artificial colors like azo dyes and sodium nitrite.

3. Add some of these there are some very quick inexpensive and easy things that you could be adding to your pets diet to dramatically increase the quality of the food that they’re eating. There are a number of things in your house you can be adding that’s going to really boost the nutritional value of that food. Two or three times a week I’m adding some type of yogurt which is a great source of pro-biotics and got some wonderful benefits. Flax oil is another real inexpensive supplement which is a great way to boost the nutritional value. Lastly, occasional light fruits and vegetables is a wonderful nutritious treat and sometimes it can also help clean their teeth.

At Reliable Vet Animal Hospital Scarborough, there is a focus on a holistic and comprehensive view on your pet’s quality of health. Through the emergency services and other techniques offered at the animal hospital in Scarborough, our professionals will be able to provide proper treatment to your pet and educate the owners on how to ensure a healthier life for their beloved companions.